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Facilitator Training / Train the Trainer

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Click the image above to learn about our virtual facilitator training

scheduled for October 5, 12, 19, and 26, 2023.


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Is there a team of people in your school or organization who will be leading professional learning on diversity, equity, and inclusion? If so, we offer facilitator training (or "train the trainer") professional learning sequences designed to prepare them to do so effectively. 


What We Cover in Facilitator Training

These sequences, usually lasting multiple days, sometimes over several visits, cover everything necessary to better prepare people to design and lead professional learning on a range of equity issues and concerns. This includes:

  • advanced content related to educational equity and inequity using the equity literacy framework,

  • professional learning design and sequencing--the knowledge and skills necessary to put together an effective workshop or series of workshops,

  • skills and strategies for facilitating difficult conversations about equity, and

  • skills and strategies for dealing with resistant colleagues and other participants.

Design of Facilitator Training Sequences

In order to cover everything we need to cover, facilitator training sequences usually require at least three full days, which can be spread over time. We recommend at least five full days. This is an investment on your part, but it's among the best ways to build in-house capacity for leading equity work.

We also more or less hand over our entire professional learning toolbox during facilitator training sequences. It takes time to teach people dozens of activities and exercises and providing them time to practice while we are there to provide feedback. 

Email Us to explore our facilitator training workshops. 

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