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Technical Assistance on Your Equity Vision and Equity Plan 

Many educational and other institutions do their equity work piece-meal, occasionally writing or editing a diversity statement or providing whatever kind of professional development workshop is popular at the time. We find that the schools, nonprofits, universities, and other organizations that are more purposeful in their equity planning and visioning make the most steady progress. These organizations take the time to develop an intentional equity vision, cultivate a common organizational language related to equity, and build equity initiatives intentionally around a set of well-defined principles and goals informed by deep equity knowledge. 

The Equity Literacy Institute provides facilitation and technical support for this sort of equity visioning and strategic planning. This includes:

  • long-term and short-term strategic planning,

  • framework development and graphic organizing,

  • technical assistance and guidance for equity initiative rollout,

  • needs assessment,

  • equity value, goal, and vision statement development, and

  • report drafting and feedback.

We begin with the basic principles of equity literacy and work with you to adapt them to fit your needs and context.

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