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Equity Coaching and Support Services

We offer a wide range of equity coaching, leadership support, and other equity support services. This differs from our traditional professional learning services in that it is usually involves working one-on-one or in small groups with people wanting to strengthen their equity knowledge and abilities. We will match you with an Equity Literacy Institute team member with the particular strengths that will best help you grow your equity understanding and practice. 

Familiarize yourself with our coaches here.


Types of Coaching

Some of the types of coaching we offer include:

  • equity leadership coaching for positional and non-positional leaders in schools,

  • instructional coaching for teachers hoping to strengthen their equity pedagogy practice,

  • career or support coaching for DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) professionals in schools, colleges, districts, boards, and other organizations, and

  • coaching for people who want to do the kind of work we do at the Equity Literacy Institute.

Common Coaching Topics

Coaching provides an opportunity for you to talk with long-time equity professionals in oder to:

  • strengthen your content knowledge about specific equity issues and concerns,

  • discuss pressing equity issues as the emerge in your school, district, or board,

  • process the burnout and battle fatigue equity professionals often face in their schools, districts, and boards, and

  • anything else that would be helpful to strengthen your equity understandings and practices. 

.Hiring an Equity Literacy Institute Coach

We have several options for initiating a coaching relationship with the Equity Literacy Institute. We have hourly rates for people who want to hire a coach for a specific number of sessions. Alternatively, we have "retainer" fees that makes us available over a specific amount of time so that we are accessible as issues arise. 

Email Us to explore our tailored coaching services. 

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