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Equity Policy and Handbook Analysis

We often challenge organizations with which we work to practice identifying subtle bias and inequity by reading their own policy documents.

It takes a particular kind of critical lens to do this well, so we also offer the service of conducting a policy analysis or facilitating a policy analysis process by working with a group within an organization to learn how to do it well. We use a 7-layered process that involves annotating directly within policy documents so you leaders can see policy concerns in context. Just as importantly, we provide recommendations for policy revisions, also within policy documents in context.


We look for examples of both obvious and subtle bias and inequity related to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender identity and expression, religion, language, immigrant status, disability, and more. We also look for policies and procedures that contain the potential for bias--the sorts of policies where bias in application is predictable.

We've conducted policy analyses for many types of organizations:

  • When we're working with schools or districts, we often examine student conduct handbooks, building-level policy documents, and board-level policy.

  • When we're working with colleges and universities, we often are asked to analyze policy and procedure documents, tenure and promotion processes and policies, and hiring procedures.

  • When we're working with nonprofit organizations, we often examine hiring procedures (including interview questions), policy and procedure manuals, and membership documents.

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Policy Analysis Services

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