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Customized Online Professional Learning

We offer customized online professional learning opportunities based around your objectives and needs. Over the years we have led hundreds of interactive online seminars, webinars, and trainings using software such as Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. We also have taught dozens of courses online and designed several self-paced online professional learning modules. 

Sometimes we use these along with in-person professional learning. Sometimes we use them so that we can reach hundreds or even thousands of people in an affordable, flexible way. Whether we're designing online or in-person professional learning, we stay true to the principles and values of the equity literacy framework.

Email us​ to discuss your specific online equity professional learning needs.


Self-Paced Customized Online Equity Learning Modules and Courses









See all courses here.

We use the platform to design customized self-paced, engaging professional learning modules and full courses on all aspects of equity. We can design a wide variety of learning experiences, including:

  • introductory modules on basic concepts like equity and bias;

  • issue-specific modules on equity related to race, class and poverty, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, (dis)ability, and more;

  • role-specific modules for teachers, leaders, student services personnel, district- or board-level administrators, and others.

Access our full collection of free and low-cost sample professional learning modules on our sister site, the Equity Learning Institute.

Live Webinars or Webinar Series

Live webinars allow us to engage any size group by meeting with them synchronously online and facilitating the same kind of learning we facilitate in person. They often consist of: 

  • presentation, during which we describe critical equity-related concepts and ideas,

  • thought exercises to strengthen depth of understanding of equity-related concepts and ideas,

  • application exercises to strengthen practical applications of equity concepts and actions,

  • question-and-answer segments with equity thought leaders.

We do both stand-alone webinars and webinar series, often spread over two or more years. 

Webinars can be recorded so that people unable to attend live can still experience the important learning in which their colleagues engaged.

Usually webinars last 60-90 minutes, but we have custom-designed webinars that last up to six hours (with breaks built in, of course).

We have used a variety of platforms for webinars, depending on what works best for the organization with which we are working.

Check out these sample webinars:





















Email us​ to discuss your specific online equity professional learning needs.

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